Kenwood TK-3402U16P 5 Watt Radio


The TK-3402U16P radio is a compact 5 Watt portable radio designed for local area industrial job site communications. This rugged radio has 16 channels in UHF frequency bands and offers progressive features such as wireless cloning, channel voice announcement, FleetSync® PTT ID, and multiple signaling formats. In addition, the TK-3402 has enhanced transmit/receive audio and 1W of audio output.

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Item #: J12952
Kenwood TK-3402U16P 5-Watt Portable Radio. Has 16 UHF Channels, Wireless Cloning, QT/DQT, Single Priority/Normal Scan, 4-Color LED, 2 PF Keys, Enha...
Item #: J12962
Six Unit Charger Adapter for TK-3402U16P and TK-3400U4P Portable Radios. Charges up to Six Li-ion 2000 mAh Model KNB-45L Batteries (charging cups n...
Knb 45l
Item #: J12963
Replacement Lithium Ion Battery for TK-3402U16P and TK-3400U4P Portable Radios. 2000 mAh/7.4v Model KNB-45L
Item #: J12956
MIL-SPEC, IP54/55 Chest Speaker Microphone for Kenwood TK Radios. Meets MIL SPEC 810 C/D/E/F/ and IP-54/55. Approved for Intrinsically Safe Radios....
Khs 31 a h100
Item #: J12959
C-Ring Earbud Hanger with Push-To-Talk and Clip-on Microphone. Fits all Kenwood TK Series Portable Radios. Soft Rubber C-Ring Ear Loop, Adjustable ...
Chest mic
Item #: J12957
Chest Speaker Microphone compatible with Kenwood TK Series Radios. Model CQ1019
Item #: J12960
Earbud with In-Line Push-To-Talk, Compatible with Kenwood TK Radios. Model CQ1026
Two wire survelliance
Item #: J12958
Surveillance Style 2 Wire Earbud with Collar Clip and In-Line Push-To-Talk. Compatible with Kenwood TK Series Radios.