Kenwood TK-3360ISK Intrinsically Safe Radio

Tk 3360isk

The all new TK-3360ISK Intrinsically Safe Ultra Sub-compact Portable Radio has expanded features and user operation sets a new "best in class" standard for portable two-way radios. With a smaller, lighter design and new features such as increased operating bandwidth, 5 Watts UHF output power, and MDC-1200, the TK-3360ISK UHF analog portable radios are the perfect next generation solution for installed base of enterprise and industrial applications.

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Tk 3360isk
Item #: J12955
Kenwood TK-3360ISK Intrinsically Safe 5-Watt Portable Radio with Explosion Proof Li-Ion Battery. Has 16 UHF Channels, QT/DQT, Single Priority/Norma...
Item #: J12965
Explosion Proof Lithium Ion Replacement Battery for Kenwood TK-3360ISK Intrinsically Safe 5-Watt Portable Radio, 7.4V/1950mAh. Meets MIL SPEC 810 C...
Item #: J12956
MIL-SPEC, IP54/55 Chest Speaker Microphone for Kenwood TK Radios. Meets MIL SPEC 810 C/D/E/F/ and IP-54/55. Approved for Intrinsically Safe Radios....
Chest mic
Item #: J12957
Chest Speaker Microphone compatible with Kenwood TK Series Radios. Model CQ1019
Item #: J12960
Earbud with In-Line Push-To-Talk, Compatible with Kenwood TK Radios. Model CQ1026
Two wire survelliance
Item #: J12958
Surveillance Style 2 Wire Earbud with Collar Clip and In-Line Push-To-Talk. Compatible with Kenwood TK Series Radios.