Electrical Meters


Item# & Description Model Price Quantity Volume Prices
Davis 20021 21
Item #: E04007
GFCI Receptacle Tester, Orange Tests GFCI circuits and for faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles. Detects 5-wiring faults, tests reversed / open conn...
Santronics e04005
Item #: E04005
AC Testing Sensor, Red/White The AC Sensor is a hand held device for determining the presence or absence of 50-1000 volts AC in insulated wires, wa...
Santronics e04006
Item #: E04006
Low AC Locator, Blue/White The Low AC Locator is similar to the AC Sensor. However, the Low AC Locator is a high-tech device for determining the pr...
Plug in
Item #: E04009
Load Tester, Quickly checks for AC outlet load handling capabilities plus Outlet Tester functions. Large LCD display with color pass/fail alerts. S...
Ex210t multimeter
Item #: E04010
Extech EX210T TrueRMS Digital Multimeter with IR, Autoranging Multimeter with 2000 Count Large LCD Display and Infrared Thermometer. Featu...
Item #: E04011
Extech MA410T 400A AC True RMS Clamp Meter + NCV, AC Current Clamp Meter with Built-In Non-Contact Voltage Detector. Features: True RMS fo...
Vp50 image
Item #: E04012
FLIR VP50 Non-Contact Voltage Detector + Worklight, Rugged, Waterproof, CAT IV-Rated, and Light at the Ready. The FLIR VP50 is a tough, CAT I...
Item #: B03193
Voltage Range is 24 to 1000VAC, 100 to 1000VAC, Indication is Audible and Visual, has Audible Alert. Features Button Type Switch for Range Selectio...