Honeywell Analytics Impact Monitor

Honeywell b03161

Item# & Description Model Price Quantity Volume Prices
Honeywell b03153
Item #: B03153
Basic enforcer calibration unit for Impact monitors, without gas cylinder, Test and calibration accessory for use with Impact multi-gas monitor whe...
Honeywell b03154
Item #: B03154
Dry cell battery pack holder for Impact monitors
Item #: B03155
Impact pump adaptor
Honeywell b03156
Item #: B03156
Hand Aspirator Kit C with in-line filter for Impact monitors, Allows the instrument to be used for remote sampling.
Honeywell b03157
Item #: B03157
10m Sample tube C with in-line adaptor for Impact monitors, 30ft
Honeywell b03160
Item #: B03160
Impact In-situ charging kit w/base station, PSU/charger, NiMH batteries, Gas Monitor Charging Kit, For Use With Impact and Impact Pro, Input Voltag...
Honeywell b03161
Item #: B03162
Impact Pro Multi-Gas Detectors Impact and Impact Pro portable multi-gas monitors by Honeywell Analytics monitor up to four gases simultaneously wit...
Honeywell b03164
Item #: B03164
OFCN disposable cartridge, O2, LEL, CO, H2S for Impact monitors. This cartridge is the 12 month disposable cartridge with 4 gas - O2 (Oxygen), LEL ...
Honeywell b03167
Item #: B03167
Calibration cylinder for Impact monitors, Replacement 1-liter (34 bar) cylinder. Multi-gas mix in N2 (nitrogen). 2.5%V/V CH4 (methane). 100ppm CO ...